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Repairing and Servicing Your BMW to Perfection

BMWs might just be the most beautiful machines out there. It is hard to beat a BMW when it comes to the drive. The smooth and powerful feel that you only get from a BWM is instantly recognizable. This is why people who buy a BMW only buy BMWs from then on – it is hard to choose another car once you have been spoilt by the quality of a BMW.

However, if you want your BMW to keep driving like the dream car that it is, then you need to get is serviced frequently. Here are some of the things that we do when a BMW ends up in our workshop.


The first step is to ensure that everything is fine. We do a deep inspection to determine what is performing at optimal levels and what needs servicing. The first item we inspect is what the vehicle’s diagnostic tools report. New BMWs have built in diagnostics that alert us to any major problem. Vintage BMWs have to be manually inspected.

Once the basic inspection is done, we do an assessment of the engine. We start the vehicle and listen to the noise it makes. Our experienced technicians can tell a lot by just the sound of the engine. Then we check the suspension and the exhaust systems to ensure that everything is performing optimally.


All vehicles, even BMWs, need regular service to perform at optimal levels. Just like you need to put in fuel in your car, you also need to put in many different fluids and filters. We check the oil and change the oil if needed.

We also check all the filters in the vehicle – the AC filter, the air filter, the fuel filter, and any other filter that may be in your car depending on its model. This can have a major effect on the performance of your vehicle, especially if you haven’t had these changed in a while. If you feel like your vehicle is choking a bit and isn’t giving you the quick response that BMWs usually do, the filters may be to blame.


The engine needs to be checked thoroughly. If even a small issue is found in the engine, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Small engine troubles of today turn into big engine problems tomorrow. We check the ignition wires, the module, and the coil used for ignition. We also check the spark plugs as well as the fuel pump.

We also perform the electronic diagnostics that are present in the BMW, and check the status of the numerous sensors present in a BMW engine. Then we go on and check the emission control system as well as the crank case.

Once your BMW has gone through all the above checks and everything that needed to be replenished has been replenished, you can drive it home. You will immediately feel the difference made by the service and repair job on the drive back.

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