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How We Make Ferraris Run Like New

Ferraris are beautiful vehicles, but if you want to maintain their beautiful drive, you need to make sure that they are well maintained. Ferraris are made for true auto enthusiasts, and being a true auto enthusiast means committing to keeping your vehicles in the best condition possible. That will not be hard to do at all with our Ferrari service and repair services.

We do everything that is needed in order to ensure that your Ferrari performs at peak levels. This includes doing all the checks and tests, as well as performing any repairs that may be needed. Here is what we do when you give us your Ferrari.


The first step is to perform basic maintenance on your Ferrari. We use all the diagnostic tools available to check the status of different parts and fluids of the car. New Ferraris have many of these diagnostic tools built in – with the classic Ferraris we have to use our own tools and techniques. We check all the fluids in the car to make sure they are at optimum levels.

We also check all the indicators in the car for any abnormalities. This includes checking the engine light, ABS light, SRS lights, computer control, start-up, charging system, electrical wiring and systems, air conditioning, climate control, power windows, drivability, emissions, and any other feature in your Ferrari. We make sure that everything works perfectly when you sit back in your Ferrari in our shop.

Brake Repair

When you drive something as fast as a Ferrari, you need to make sure that your brakes are performing at their highest levels. Brakes degrade with normal use. However, if you like to drive fast, then they end up degrading much faster.

If you own a Ferrari, there is a good chance that you take advantage of its fantastic speed as well as its highly efficient braking system a lot, which is why we focus so much on the brakes. You may not feel that your brakes are degrading – because it happens so gradually, with every press of the brake pedal – but once we repair your brakes and you press the brake pedal, you will realize how much stopping power you were missing out on.

Oil Change

We don’t just do oil changes based on how much you have driven – we check the status of your engine and we check the quality of the oil in your vehicle, and then change the oil if needed. Keeping your Ferrari engine well-oiled is necessary to ensure a smooth drive.

Timing Belt

The timing belt may be a small part in your Ferrari, but it is one of the most important parts, as it is the timing belt which ensures that all the engine parts run in sync, at the right time. If your car is making strange noises, then the timing belt may be to blame, as the different parts may be running into each other.

These are just some of the Ferrari service and repair services available at our shop. Call us if you have a specific repair or service need you need to know more about.

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