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Maserati Diagnostics and What They Tell Us

Maserati makes some of the most exciting super cars in the world. However, these super cars need a super level of maintenance and service as well. It is basic logic – the more you use something, the more it needs to be well maintained.

A Maserati uses its engines and parts to much further heights than any normal car, and thus you need to make sure that everything works fine. Maserati knows how important it is to make sure the car is well maintained – which is why they put in so many diagnostics features in the vehicle. You will not be able to understand many of these, and you will not even be able to access many of these, and that is by design.

Maserati wants to ensure that the people working on your vehicle have all the right information, which is why they specifically put in these diagnostics features for us. Then there are the diagnostics performed by our computer systems that allow us to assess the status of the vehicle much better than the human eye.

Check engine light

This is the most basic sensor, and one that is present in pretty much all cars. If there is something seriously wrong with the vehicle, the check engine light goes on. Maserati vehicles have sensors in them which allow us to learn more than the normal car.

ABS light

If this light is on, your anti-lock braking system has some issues. Driving any vehicle with inefficient brakes is dangerous, but driving a beast like a Maserati without fully functioning brakes is much more dangerous. Head straight to the mechanic as soon as you see this light on.

SRS light

SRS stands for ‘supplemental restraint system’, which is the technical name of the airbags. If the SRS light is on, the airbags are not functioning properly. The airbags are installed at a particular pressure to ensure that they can pop out instantly. It is a delicate system that needs to be perfect to function right.

Computer control

Do you know how your Maserati is able to give you a superior drive than most other cars? There is a computer inside the car that controls the engine and many other parts of the vehicle, maintaining them all to give you the best drive possible. Things like traction control are also handled by this computer. This computer does complex calculations and reads many different sensors in the vehicle.

Tire Wear

Tire wear is a concern in all vehicles, but it is more of a concern when the car in question is a powerful thing like a Maserati. Even the best vehicles in the world cannot perform up to par without having the right tires. Worn out tires don’t just affect performance, they are dangerous as well. They can result in your car skidding out of control. Our computer systems can detect imperfections in your tires and let you know when you need to get them replaced.

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